Time for a change of pace……      

7 – 11 November 2019

Sadly our first stop on leaving the campsite was a motorhome repair shop. The language difficulties were frustrating, but they confirmed our suspicions – 1 of our 3 leisure batteries was dead and another just okay. They disconnected the dead one and we faced up to the prospect of problems when not on a campsite.  

Lighter in pocket we headed off to the coast and a campsite at Guincho for what we hoped would be a lazy few days. It has to be said the weather wasn’t great – very British.

On a gloomy Saturday we hopped a bus into nearby Cascais which we had heard had  a nice old town. Hmm. Much bigger than we had expected, its old town was nice enough, although with a surprising amount of English menus and flyers – guess there are lots of ex-pats and holiday homes here.

We had decided to try traditional “bitoque” for lunch at a recommended place in the old town. Busy with locals we got the last table and were presented with a thin steak in a sauce heavily flavoured with garlic – even the fried egg on top tasted of it. The pickled carrot & cauliflower were an odd garnish but a pile of excellent fries redeemed it. Not photogenic.

When we got half a day of decent weather we explored the neighbouring Guincho-Cresmina dune system, a lovely area where boardwalks protect the vulnerable ecosystem. Down on the beaches we watched Atlantic breakers pound the shore before finishing in a cafe in the dunes with a lovely view out to the sunset and a civilised glass of wine.

But that was the high point. We spent a couple of hours re-fixing our hob – it’s never been the same since our dealer “repaired” it – and the following morning  completely unrelated, the water refused to drain from the kitchen sink. We spent a frustrating 6 hours on it before realising it was beyond us and the next day ended up travelling back to the motorhome repair shop.

Jorge & Patricia – Our heroes at GoCaravaning

Lots of spilt water, high pressure air, sealant and patience later, we had a functioning and apparently leak free sink again. We were incredibly grateful and headed off into the evening to the aire at SIntra football ground. We checked the weather forecast for the next week and gave up on our plans for Portugal for now – Spain beckons.