Volterra Revisited 

8-9 July 2019

The pretty hill-town of Volterra across Tuscan wheat-fields

Two years ago we visited Volterra to meet up with our good friends Daryl & Rachel who were married there and visit regularly. Now it was time for a rematch. We parked up on the same pitch and retraced our route up into the old town. Seeing them sat at almost the same table was a real bit of deja vu. We had a lovely time – apperitifs,  an evening meal on the walls, and post prandial beverages with lots of chat.


Next day Daryl picked us up in the morning and we spent the day with them by the lovely pool at their villa. The sun went in about mid-day but that didn’t matter – it was lovely and warm and good to spend time together. A lovely pasta lunch with home-made sauces provided by their host and an excellent evening BBQ.



We wove our way back to the campsite in the dark with a warm glow. Maybe next time we’ll teach them a card game or two.