Normandy – Bayeux, Honfleur & Home

6-10 April 2019

On our fleeting stop in Normandy in 2014 we didn’t have the time to visit Bayeux and have been intending to do so ever since. The sun decided to shine on our journey there which was a pleasant change and as soon as we had pitched on the campsite we took the footpath along the riverbank and walked into town. Following our noses we found a lovely little restaurant called L’Alchemie that did an excellent and very reasonable Formule Complet which delighted Danny with the inclusion of one of his favourites, frogs legs.

Very happy after a lovely lunch we dandered over to the Romanesque Cathedral – Cathédrale Notre-Dame – the first place the Bayeux Tapestry was displayed but otherwise, well, nothing special to our uneducated eyes.

Time for the main event, the Bayeux Tapestry. We picked up our audio-guides and joined the throng to walk the 70m tapestry in it’s darkened room. It was fascinating to see it up close and Kate paid close – and critical – attention to the stitching. We had looked forward to seeing it and it didn’t disappoint, particularly the colours of the wool which have stayed quite vibrant.  

The site was nice – despite terrible wi-fi – so we stayed a couple of days to catch up on laundry and stuff. We had been used to being the only British motorhome around and suddenly we were surrounded by other Brits, one couple from Mold of all places. Small world. 

Our time in Normandy was nearly over. Heading north towards Le Tunnel we decided to revisit Honfleur which has a huge and very busy aire a short walk from the centre, right on the riverbank.


We dandered round the harbour and the narrow streets reminiscing about our previous visit, when the sun shone and we picked the only bad restaurant in town for our farewell meal. Determined not to make the same mistake we scoured the back-streets away from the touristy harbour and opted for one with a very nice menu and a roaring fire, L’Homme de Bois. They only had 2 tables left for the evening so we booked in. Good choice – the food was delicious! We tucked into Normandy specialities from oysters and fish soup to Îles Flotantes, so focused on our food we forgot to take pictures! What a great way to finish this leg of our danderings.