Brittany – Minding the P’s & Q’s 

23-26 March 2019

Driving westward back into Finnistere we saw some beautiful looking places such as La Fôret Fouesnant, Benodet where we crossed the river Odet; and Pont l’Abbaye, all places we would like to revisit in “open” season. Maybe June? At the south-west tip we turned north for the only open campsite for miles (Plozovet) in search of Wi-Fi & a laundry. The Wi-fi was shockingly bad but we took the opportunity to do some cycling down the lanes which reminded us of coastal parts of Ireland. Windswept and grey when we were there, it must be lovely on a sunny summer day.

Shoreline, Plozevet

We also took the local school bus at a time earlier than we are now used to into Quimper, the oldest town in Brittany. Having salivated over thoughts of warm croisssants and hot coffee we were shocked to find the town largely closed on a Monday, and struggled to find an open coffe shop. Images of cosy cafes filled with tasy pastries was a fantasy and we settled for a quick coffee and cold croissant in a modern take-away with a couple of chairs in the corner where we huddled to get warm – poor us!

Tourist Information helpfully told us the museum we planned to visit was closed on Monday as are most restaurants – disappointing as a long lunch was an essential part of our plan because our return bus wasn’t until 5pm. Pointed in the direction of the oldest part of town and told to visit the traditional pottery museum we found this closed too, but we did stumble across a lovely reconstruction of a medieval abbey garden squeezed between a 1000 year old church & the river Odet and later found a traditional biscuiterie where we were happy to sample the goods.

According to the information boards Quimper was once alive with potteries and a a hub of indiustry but now seems long past it’s hey day, trying hard to make a living off the Tourist Trade in the season. However, it wasn’t completely wasted as we did find somewhere nice for our long lunch – L-Epée. It made our stomachs very happy – Langoustine Ravioli with a shellfish emulsion,  Crab Galettes with an emulsion of tomato water & peppers, Sole Meunière, Tataki Tuna  – need we go on! Definitely made the trip in worth while. 

And for us that was the end of Plozovet & Quimper – we didn’t mind them but it was time for a change of scene

2 thoughts on “Brittany – Minding the P’s & Q’s ”

  1. You should have known Mondays are no good for eating in France ! We are back in windswept Pembridge. The bike is looking at me waiting for a trip out. The boiler in the van will need to come out and be serviced. Oh, and all the rubber doughnuts holding the exhaust on sheared on the way back. Some number 6 wire did the trick. Happy days !! xx