Corsica I – Slowing Down

4-6 September 2017

We should have said in our last blog – our niece Samantha and her husband John are expecting their first baby, due in March, which is fantastic news – congratulations guys! A year of babies – we really must get to visit all our new family members in 2018.

We surfaced early on our new site to the sound of rain. Whilst not too heavy it went on until mid-morning followed by grey clouds with the occasional tantalising glimpse of blue sky. Although the temperature was 25℃ it felt less with the breeze coming in off the sea. A day for blog-writing, pottering around doing jobs on the van and reading. We spoke to Wally & Rebecca who are enjoying the sun in Santorini and wondered if we were in the wrong place!

We lost our original neighbours in the tent opposite with the very large and well-behaved Rhodesian Ridgeback and gained 2 exuberant German families (2 adults & 2 teenagers in each) and a big black dog, right in front of us. They parked up their caravan and motorhome opposite each other and filled the space in-between with tables and chairs and cooking stuff, using washing lines on one side and the car on the other to create their own private space. Clearly they have done this before.


As far as we can work out we are the only van from the UK, and the majority of people here are in small vans or tents, with a surprising number of trailer-tents and Landrovers. There is a constant turnover which is interesting to watch.

For a couple of days we had a family of 4 in a small van next to us – the kids were loving it, particularly the hammock, but how they manage in something half the size of ours is a mystery to us.

We enjoyed relaxing and late afternoon the skies cleared and the sun came out to play. Jobs finished, we wandered down to inspect the beach, a leisurely 500m down a track through fields and a small wood. A small sandy cove about 500m wide with 3 or 4 small cafe/restaurants dotted along it and a couple of nice yachts moored offshore. It’ll do nicely.

Next day dawned with lovely clear blue skies which is always a feel-good factor – particularly in September. Beach day! Feels like ages since we lay on a beach – don’t you feel sorry for us? Packed the rucksack, grabbed the beach-mats and we were worshipping the sun by 10.30. A perfect temperature for the beach – not too hot and a nice breeze.

We had a great day, only disrupted by loose dogs causing Danny concern – 2 dachsunds whose owners inconsiderately set up next to us and later a large beach scavenger that the couple on the other side insisted on feeding – that generated a move further down the beach. Danny finally got to try out his new full-face mask & snorkel which allows him to breath through nose and mouth and automatically drains water out – he loves it. Thanks to Pete & Alison for introducing us to it – although it’s not his best look!


A Corsican beer sundowner rounded the day off nicely, and it stayed warm enough to sit outside until after 9pm although it is dark a lot earlier now, a sign of autumn’s approach. Next day was washing day. Lots of it. The weather was warm but windy, perfect for drying. We enjoyed slowing down and relaxing here, and although the weather forecast isn’t great we intend to make the most of it. All is good – Danny is singing old Irish songs which means happy, happy, happy!


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