South to Spain

Friday 5th May 2017

This morning we finally got our blog on line with ‘live’ posts and photos. We are full of good intentions to ensure to update it regularly, we will see how that works out as we do not intend to be slaves to The Blog !

Having finished our blog by 11.30, we were checking out by 12 noon. Cleaned tanks, took on fresh water and grabbed a baguette for food on the hoof and we were off. Goodbyes said to Argeles without much regret, but possibly more us than it, and headed for Spain. In search of the sun without paying tolls we set off North then West then South then North again and eventually through the border and mountains West. As we kept changing our destination on the satnav the poor thing got confused and we took some interesting detours.

The scenery changed almost immediately after entering Spain via the Alberes Mountains, the cultivation being completely different as were the buildings. There were bigger fields and a lot of cattle and horses, their houses were more classically ‘hacienda’ like and the green a little less green. We climbed through mountain passes with Kate driving very confidently with steep gorges scarily high bridges and small one horse town villages.

Having gone through the border twice – because Danny missed the turn and we had to recross the border – we settled down after the border town of Perthus, which was a one street town. Both sides of the border were full of tobacco, alcohol and clothes shops which appeared very odd given the lack of actual border stops or personnel.

Indecision drove us into the mountains and we headed for Zaragosa but we called it a day at 5.30 in the little town of St Joan de les Abadesses where there appeared to be an aire. Wonderful it was with a view of the medieval bridge, toilet and fresh water.

Stopped for the night dandered in over the old bridge into the town and had a cold beer – half the price of France. Over that beer we finally came up with a cogent plan for the next few days – drive like billy ‘o’ for a few days to get to Cadiz, our original first stop. Get some sun, eat drink and be merry for a couple of weeks and then slowly amble our way to Italy along the coast…ish -we will see how that goes.





3 thoughts on “South to Spain”

  1. A stream of conciousness tour-de-force (or ought that to be toda una hazaña given that you’re now in Spain?)
    Anyway, the sainted Joyce himself could not have done better.