About our Blog

In January 2017 the long anticipated came to pass – we were finally both retired. We had been waiting for this for a very long time and in March 2016, in anticipation of our freedom, we had bought our first motorhome. Brand new. With no previous experience other than a hired motorhome we had taken to France for 2 glorious weeks in 2014.

We had a steep learning curve on the few trips we managed to fit in pre-retirement, assisted by a number of glitches and ‘operator errors’ with our new ‘van.

Having decided that joint retirement merited a departure from the soggy and cold north-west of England and that an extended tour in Europe in our now nearly-new motorhome was in order, we boldly determined that no plan was needed – just a mission  to explore, get a bit of sun, do a bit of birdwatching and walking, and enjoy our new-found freedom.

Despite our IT illiteracy, and compounded by our phobia of social media, a blog seemed a good way to record our ‘big adventure’ for close family and friends to keep tabs on us as and when they want, without being bothered by ‘wish you were here’ emails from us. Just as importantly, for us, is that we want a memory that doesn’t fail or blur with time, memory and new experiences. We want to be able to look back and say “oh yes – that was ……”.

So this is a self-indulgent blog. It is for us and those closest to us. We don’t mind the curious taking a look, but it is not designed for a wider audience.

We already know that those close to us will not only excuse our grammar but will also expect a degree of illiteracy and a focus on local food and drink rather than details of historical or geographical fact. Gillian – we apologise for the photos. Trevor – we apologise for not always remembering your sage advice. Eddie – we apologise for missed and wasted birding opportunities.

Be prepared for the over-use of superlatives, exclamation marks, and ……. to finish a sentence. The text and photos will be supplied by both of us but obviously the best will be Kate’s.