About our Blog

We started danderings.com in March 2017 when, having both retired, we had bought our first motorhome and set off with optimism and crossed-fingers on an extended tour of Europe, not knowing if we would soon be back with our tail between our legs. Well, we were lucky – despite having no plan and no experience the adventure suited us. We had a steep learning curve and have been through many glitches and “operator errors” but we love it. It suits us – the freedom to roam and explore, to learn new things, eat new foods and experience new places and cultures together.  

We made short visits home occasionally but basically kept on the road in Europe until June 2018 when we returned to England for an extended period – Mum was ill. We parked up on her drive and stayed until, sadly, we were no longer needed. We miss you mum. 

Once all was in order, we said our goodbyes and set off again. We had stopped doing the Blog in April 2017 as it took a lot of time and we ended up chasing internert connections. But when we were home we kept saying to ourselves “where was….” and “when did we…. “ and “can you remember…..” and found ourselves turning again and again to our blog to remind us. We realised (a) how old we are getting and (b) how useful and enjoyable danderings is for us. It has done what we intended when we started it, so here we are again with our self-indulgent blog – 2 people, one van, no plan……..